• AlfanTheGreat -


How prudent of you to make me wait

You are the hold from when I want to do

You whisper in mine ear, worry not, it's fate

Yet more than on one occasion you bear no truth

Why yet do people hold you in their bosom?

You blanket pain with beauty

Like a bee in a blossom,

Like silky cinder dust clouds in war fields

Under the veil doth reality lie

That ugly bastard who yet holds most

truth, you speak of so many wonders to mine

Heart, promise much yet deliver nonst

Why now would I trust such a villain as yee?

I cannot live in a pool of fallacy

Then feed a dagger to reality

For believing in you, hoping for fantasy

So away with your sorcery and for I'm no fool

I'll put that power in my own mastery, success is the reality I choose.

- Alfani Ndayishimiye


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