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An Ode to Love

I never saw love coming I never saw you approaching see Between the bustling of life and cracks within skies Grew a mighty love shy of the heavens. Just like the moon I get lost in the stars But always find my way back to where you are. And like the sun, you make me shine through my scars. Never having known a love like this, im in awe Of who you are, of how you turn my lead to gold You must be an alchemist in how you just know to hold My heart within your clutch bound by your orbit I'm mistified. To think I was in search of happiness but it was you personified. Love, you never did wear the same face but this one I know Not from this life but deep within my soul You lay dormant like a volcano, any moment I would find you, Every moment inching closer to the real you Till the day came that my love was awake Where we first met; call it destiny or fate But the time so right sproute a love so bright That till this day, keeps you running through my mind. I never saw love coming I never knew you were approaching But there was always space for you In my heart theres a home for you, where my love rings true. Alfani Ndayishimiye 26/01/2020

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