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Balance in Harmony


The stars burn for you.

Wouldn't you like them to?

A blaze more powerful than a thousand suns bound by the curves of your body

A light so bright it blind the heavens. You don't mind, do you

If your light shines too bright even for the likes of gods would you despair?

When the heavens refuse you at their gates for your difference don't take offence at their defence of fear for this is the response of those in the blissful pool of ignorance my dear.

Fear not for there is a paradise beyond that created by man,

Beyond that place, a boundless, sacred space where no time, god nor the limits of cultivated hate remain.

It is here that souls as supreme as yours reside. In the crack between the infinite and the absolute, it is here you preside.

'Bold in colours' | Art by Anastasiya Valiulina

Acceptance is of neutral occurrence like the seamless consequence of nature's abundance and its reverberation, but first your presence must be known to every nation.

Boldly wear your colours in the face on condemnation and you shall find in it the fear of your greatness, a now tainted image. So seek comfort in self identity, peace internally and there they will know of me.

My name, Balance but you can call me Harmony.

11 Nov 2018

Alfani Ndayishimiye

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