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Celestial Collisions

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I try to make you understand But it seems I cannot force your hand You live with anger in your mind You let her bask in your space and sit in your place So that sometimes when I have you its like you're replaced

With a silhouette of whom I once knew and loved now a tyrant, a serpent I barely recognise your grace. Peace of Mind in this piece of time. Yes this piece is mine. This is the vibe I never have to fake an eternal give and take, the internal giving and making. Of me. Internalised struggle in a modified reality, we were the perfect concoction of fire, earth and a body of meanderings or misunderstandings. Two seperate versions of reality colliding into one another and we made a profound endeavour yet my spirit still yearns something other. Not merely another body but rather another for me, who wholly knows me with appreication for the whole of me and not just a trophy for your pleasantries I'm but a mere muse you see. Nothing is organic when devoid of substance, call it synthetic or GMO, but this love once fruitful, seems no longer able to grow no matter how much I water the soil.  Like sinking ships or waterlogged streets I could no longer feel the foundations beneath. So with grace I release you back into orbit so that you may fuse with a planetary body thats cateres to your temperaments, atmosphere and temperatures.  Alfani Ndayishimiye

Art by K. Ronolo

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