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Chronic Pain

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Ahmaud Arbery was as recent they just clipped him for no reason.

They just murder all my people bodies hanging from the ceilings- it's a given;

to give extraordinary powers to just ordinary men, that's a weapon.

And one of mass destruction where police learn to practice the art of mass oppression that's the lesson that they function

of circulated power they abuse within their missions.

You claim ignorance was the crime but it's the hate that reaps transgression

Don't be surprised at my lament just need to deep the message. You hear the bodies hit cement, lifeless limbs and souls mistreated, with their lives half lived and a soul's journey not yet completed.

I wouldn't have to preach Black love if there wasn't hatred in the first place, even when they're showing love it's like they do it in the worst way like a false state basking in proverbial lies- the disguise, a tight lipped smile is the guise for our demise-

there was never any fair play.

And sure enough I'll get some flack for what I say Their hypocrisy of serving 'hate' to hate But why should I be silenced when whiteness runs rampage

And I see no policing for the ignorance and hatred romanticized behind the notion of relating to the racist -

You can't relate; as a matter of fact you can barely comprehend,

What it's like to have a race driven predetermined fate Never truly knowing freedom like a relative out of state that we're told is always there, just a phone call away..

Well I want to call Malcom to the stage- But I can't Because they clipped him on that bloody stage as if it was his fate

And left his body testimony to the raging hate

That left such wounds in our communities till today Don't tell me to get over it, slavery hasn't gone away.

We slave to a system which thrives on our astray And for those who keep it straight will still find boulders on the way because we live within a system that still sees us as just waste.

I'll always call out injustice that I see in any space

For I am my ancestors in their wildest dreamscape.

Alfani Ndayishimiye Oct 2019

I do not own ownership of this image only the penmanship.
Chronic Pain: Minneapolis Delartment Building burns with rage and flames of ancestral slavery and unabated oppression.

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