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Imagine Nation


Imagine living in the shadow of subjugation to your pigmentation of skin,

Only at a cost can you glimpse true freedom

Cloven from your kingdom comes your rebirth into a system within a system of laws, akin to that of implicit bondage rooted in hatred.

Imagine never knowing equal opportunity or living in a society that judges a man by his melanin visibility rather than his moral virtues and life experiences.

In a world of survival of the fittest, dynastic wealth defines you, its a survival of the richest.

That hand that takes your humanity without humility, artfully appropriates from the fabric of your identity, then sells it back to you in the form of filthy consumerism and you consume it. Little did you know it had sumu* in it.

Flowers grow from concrete hoods where youth look up to false prophets. Repeating karmic cycles, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Reaping the seed of your oppressor is of no fun see. Living in a white world you are now a stain to be washed up, locked up and wiped out, ethnic cleansing by a gun spree. Under a self defence pretext and disagreements, his blackness was the reason.

A blank slate. This is a blind state, categorised by jealousy, fear and underlying hate. If you are pigmented, you are subject to an unkind fate, subjected to it by those in power to legislate yet they simulate your hue with 'incarcerate.'

To spend a life behind bars on the pretence of a tainted justice, condemned to a confined space wholly for belonging to the wrong race, is a form of genocidal practice.

Deep the limits- you just imagine such analogies

To a race near entirety, this is a reality that pangs because slavery isn't just a memory but fact in actuality like a grey cloud that permeates and prescribes the current racial climate which precipitates on black youth who will never be, acquainted to their true accolades and greats/ness.

- Alfani Ndayishimiye

*Swahili for 'Poison'

Homage to Burundi's Independence (1962)

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