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Media Success

For why hath fate forsaken me With a cyclic descend to mental turmoil, seems the apple falls not far from the tree I remain spellbound by my own uprooted soil

Today success is but a gleam in the night sky Product of combination and combustion No bright light but a shadow of disguise

For it is a luxury afforded by the fraction Of a nation all to their own demise of insatiable capital addiction .

Failure is that familiar face that comes to teach particular lessons And strengthen the drive for a taste of social heavens.

A bittersweet taste of the counterfeit fame for they only love you when you're elite Or elate albeit your position is all they crave, see I've seen a sea of green smiles trail with envy A society infested with jealousy where is harmony?

My success is defined by my wisdom accolades such is my weapon. When face to face with my own demons who reflect disgrace

Oblivious to the lack of freedom owed to my circumstance or impotence...

Through lies I see that the structural support for a negro is of a mere pretence.

On the pretext of diversity, do institutions pretend to have present the presence of the black race.

No more.

Alfani Ndayishimiye

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