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Meditations: Of Natural Inquisition 

Does the moon envy the glory of the sun? In their eternal dance of rise and fall, Does she ever fall short Or arleast feel so Or are their differences the source of such balances between them decreed by natures valency ? Light and dark, big and small near and far Is there a difference in it all? In the race war ? Or is humanity so fixated in the frivolous? Amid the cadence of kingdoms and emperors, It's somewhat hilarious maybe even delirious To have a race of people on a plight because they fear us Does the dandelion scorn the petals of a rose? In their evergreen prime is there any repose In this constant struggle is there a supreme force? Does one belong above? Is it merely dictated by the sun? Or was it decreed by God's son that one colour be shun? Once the balance has been imbalanced, Does all order become disorder? Does nature sense this? Need the universe warn her? Was the climate change begotten by all our ignorance?

- Alfani Ndayishimiye

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