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My (Graduate) Journey

The following is a poetic expression of my Graduate Journey (entitled My Journey ) with modules epitomised as aspects of my growth engraved within the semantics of each line. messages and poetic devices used have parallel meanings to my growth in university as well as life; thus, most of the statements have three dimensions of meaning imbedded in a single line or stanza. The three main themes throughout are: personal (life) growth/struggle, the second is racial history, knowledge and growth, and the third is my academic/career path and experience. All of which are epitomised or personified by the process of growth from a seed to a fruitful blossoming.

Year 1 The seedling

I began my journey several lifetimes ago

A feeble spec within the vast cosmos

Swimming deep in reality devoid of meaning or purpose

I was the seedling that was buried deep within dead compost.

I Made a contract with my spirit guides

The consideration was my life, with blackness as my plight

My heart and soul honour agreement of property rights

Both of which abode this body with cells made from light I'm an electric being offering my acceptance in a world of black and white

Year 2 The roots

Amid self discovery do my roots begin to soil thoughts

In law of a land devoid of equity to which we beck and call

This was once my home but judgement day makes it a court

To which freedom has courted the kingdom of the caught

nd they say this is the land of the free I'm sure..

A hue man's rights left shredded and shrewd

On the pretext of some tokenistic personhood

Seems they only love us when we’re unconscious co-coons

I’ve learnt that not every soul is as selfless as you

Nor will everybody be an embodiment of truth

But that’s cool because i guess that’s what I’m here to do

Year 3 The Blossoming

My roots have outgrown now, i never doubted how

The seeds i planted harvest in my reality as sprouts

That blossom my environment- all - laws endowed

In flaws within and without solutions, dissonance is the pollution

This experience is novel with thoughts soiled deep

In my floral soul, now complete, i can lower my guard then as sheer nostalgia reigns over my forest of identity, with pure intensity

I can identify with it. I’ve been here a long time ago I’m sure,

maybe even before this commercialised ego of course

But thout this study I’m a whisper at heavens walls

I define my future as a captain does of his ship offshore

despite the coming tides of capitalism and capital,

From wisdom to wealth and with this degree of self

I intend to have it all. I deserve to have it all.


- Alfani Ndayishimiye - 02/2019

I was the seedling that was buried deep within dead compost. My roots have outgrown now. Thoughts soiled deep In my floral soul, now complete

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