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Our minds swim in shallow waters of oblivion

We are satisfied by what’s comfortable

So we avoid change, blocked it out like its inaudible

Though our lack of knowledge make it inevitable,

It is possible for us to find land and remove our heads from the sand,

It’s probable that there is more to learn if we accept the extraordinary.

Rejoice in the unfamiliar and with the fear be merry

For what you seek is all that you’ll find.

Have an open mind, excel, and don’t fall behind.

It’s obvious oblivion plagues your wisdom, how fatal.

It’s not wholly avoidable but it’s reducible. Because the whole universe is in a state of chaos, begotten by entropy.

From chaos comes order as Epicurus claims

in you is a galaxy of life awaiting to blaze

so discover rhythm in what was a mess

and thence you'll see life was never the same.

- Alfani Ndayishimiye

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