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Over Thousand Splendid Suns

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

We taught you scriptures from the language of the universe We gave you numbers to measure the moon and the stars

Showed you the layout of the universe in numerics

But our demise by your hand is our only relic

Over a thousand splendid suns from rise to dawn

We taught you to master alchemy, where conciseness is spawn and reality generated simply the lessons of internal reverberations as part of the revelation as I am the very lead that turns to gold contrary to what you have told

From Benjamin Benneker to the great Imhoptep,

Every polymath discarded or demonised, so to accept

Your forgery of history is to deny the fortitude in my own

As consciousness evolves your weeds have been outgrown

We brough you the sweetest aromas from the world's 4 corners to quel the odour from your moral disorder

But no longer will you control our narrative for united we stand

Against the global oppressive regime inflicted by one hand

Its the devil who is the works of mystery for God dwells

In truth, unification and the abundant expansion of self

You planted hatred in our gardens to spoil our consumption

But you did not know we are the universal in function.

Alfani Ndayishimiye


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