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Self Discovery


I'm in search of my true identity

I don't want a life like yours, please.

I just want to be me

I don't want your imposition of happiness

Your eurocentric ideologies

Of beauty or morals, my apologies.

But I was raised better. My mother taught me

Kindness and love no matter the weather

To rise above the trends on Twitter

For there is divine purpose in my timeline

A conquest I began several lifetimes

Ago though, so far back I forgot my limelight

Couldn't recognise it within the night sky

But meditation plagued by procrastination,

Cured by concentration will save our god forsaken nation

Who have forgotten their origin.

In the deepest crevice of space

And somewhere between now and the infinite,

Lies our power to become unlimited like the people of Kemet.

We have forgotten ourselves in the chase for wealth

A deep green mist of envy stagnates our mental health

Propagated by capitalism in this simulated reality

Curated by our mentality poisoning our morality

What a tragedy.

Just leave me alone for I'm not lonely

I'm just in search of the real me

He wasn't on TV screens or Instagram selfies,

I even checked your Facebook feed, fed up of consuming meat,

He wasn't there at those raves and house parties.

I found him in solitude and solidarity

Within and without, he didn't quite fit modern society.

I found him lost within pages reading quietly

Remembered his greatness in Malcolm's autobiography

Learning about himself in research and self study

Basking in the bounty of physics and chemistry

But he was no alchemist just a boy trying to make history

For he has no interest in gold or the riches of your world, see

I found myself in the deepest pool of self reflection,

Among the rooted causes of my emotional reactions

Rejoining and rejoicing in what once was disconnected

Let me live my life as the universe intended.

- Alfani Ndayishimiye

"In the deepest crevice of space and somewhere between now and the infinite, Lies our power to become unlimited like the people of Kemet."

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