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Serendipity In Solitude

Of Self Discovery Continued


An infectious state of mind

That renders all connections obsolete

When you sit with your thoughts so long,

You begin to lose your sleep

An abyss of nothingness at the apex of everything

Everything you are, everything you love, hate

And all that's in between

It is in these very moments that our past will haunt us and our futures deceive.

It is here where my deepest secrets lie with an anchor beneath.

Where the whispers in my head have become familiar, they

now abode aboard my brain

I can no longer control them; to their discourse, I am a slave.

What is there to do but hear them screech.

Their truths burn holes in my heart while their lies

Consume me.

This experience is exhausting, feels like a double edged sword, I'm in agony.

And in this moment I am tight rope walking across, despite the pains that are born before me

Because they said the grass is greener on the other side.

But now I want to learn to harvest the dead soil on which I tread.

No-one taught me these things. So where from do I acquire such lessons. How am I to conduct this life;

A captain cannot steer a ship with the skills of a fisherman?

In this strange world with blurred lines grey skies and soulless eyes, who am I anyway

I wish to return to the harmony between planets and grace with which the stars burn.

So dance in the rain with momentum of rhythm

As though a universe having a human experience

- Alfani Ndayishimiye

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