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The Carbon Body

The Heart. The Breath. The Mind.



All three epitomize the interconnectedness of everything that exists. The heart beats Haemoglobin (which makes up 75% of the blood and gives it red tint) around the body which carries a smaller molecule Heme B which itself carries iron which is vital in the body. The only way iron is caused is by the formation and then supernova of stars (galactic collision) which produce iron as a biproduct. Such galaxies collide because of gravitational forces which swirl galaxies into and around each-other and so it is this very mega force that which is the catalyst of the creation of the very iron required to survive. So it is in this phenomena that the entire human relies for its source of iron. If such supernovas cease then no iron is produced and thus low iron levels in the body lead to anaemia which causes many adverse effects such as fainting, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties and other physical and psychology impairments.

 "we shape our tools and thereafter, our tools shape us." - Winston Churchill
"We shape our tools and thereafter, our tools shape us." - Winston Churchill

Also, such gravitational force exists in every atom but at a smaller scale- a subatomic level. This small gravitational force is strong enough to keep electrons orbiting a nucleus but weak enough to be overshadowed by other forces and those from things with more mass causing stronger gravitational effect. In this way, everything is held at just about the right level and if one atom were to shift, a unique ripple effect is caused which although small could have devastating or spectacular results. Because of entropy, the universe is in a constant state of chaos and neutralisation. In the same way we are connected by the source of our iron which give purpose to each heartbeat, so too does every particle, every atom, boson, proton,and electron have its own relative gravitational force which impacts the ground net upon which the entire universe sits. Imagine the entire universe as a trampoline. On that trampoline lie spherical balls of varied mass. The balls with increased mass will cause a more prominent curvature in the fabric of the trampoline (which Einstein would call fabric of space and time: spacetime). Once all balls are placed down, the removal or slight adjustment of one, no matter how small will cause a shift in all other objects. And of those objects which have small mass, despite the inability to be fully seen with the naked eye, such small particles have their own affect on the whole. Gravity affects our tides and weather and our moods. We are made of particles thus however small, every planet and every object on earth is having its own tiny force causing us to gravitate towards them, towards each-other. Here again lies the interconnections between everything. It all sits together strung like a web, hence the possibility of the butterfly effect, everything is connected (Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix).

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a single drop."

Now regarding the breath, something taken for granted. Before the fruitfulness of a plethora of plant species (3 billion years ago) there was no oxygen in the atmosphere but rather enormous quantities of Carbon dioxide CO2 making the world inhabitable. It was the single celled bacteria Called cyanobacteria which had the ability of photosynthesis: ability to use the suns solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oxygen then built up into the atmosphere creating the ozone layer which protects and sustain complex multicellular life as opposed to single cells organisms which lived in limited spaces. Cyanobacteria is kept in the genetic make up of plants today and each chlorophyll contributes to the sustenance of life. In the same way that each individual chlorophyll has a role to play in the production of oxygen which humans and all life forms are dependant on, so too does the life of every human exist to play their role as an instrument of the entire choir which is the human race and its role in the orchestral performance of the galaxy. We fail to acknowledge the role of a single bolt/screw in the mechanics of the most complex clock. In this same way, we must not look at ourselves or those before us as single beings, MLK as an individual working toward a movement against an entire system that dwarfs his size but we must acknowledge the seeds he planted and the small patch of change that this man wove into history which considered with respect and recognition of those like him (Malcolm, Dubois, Rosa Park etc), an entire Revolution has come and from them did the Civil Rights movement find its flame which burnt holes in structural and institutional racism and continue to do so today which makes the drive toward full equality ever closer.

Regarding the mind, Tom Chi describes our ability to master complex things like pianos from which people can make entire careers. The thought patterns and neural connections made by the experience with the piano were even made possible by the complexities that the creators of the piano understood before . And before the piano was made, the thought patterns of playing a piano did not exist and thus that branch of creation and creativity had not yet been born. It is only with the invention of the computer that digital images could be taken from the depths of space which would be impossible before but now allows the current man to change their views of the world and change societies and their lifestyles. This intern affects the environment and biosphere and so as inspired by Winstone Churchill who says, "we shape our tools and thereafter, our tools shape us." This means the tools that you use to shape the world is what shapes you. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It only makes sense that our actions send out a ripple which makes its way back to us, some call it karma whilst in science it is a common rule of relativity and physics. In philosophy it is the interconnections between things and of consciousness, the ineffable abundance of consistency.

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