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Unified Proximity

Is there anything as uniform as two opposites? As though in mutual containment, North is only as far as its South Up is only localised by down The motion of pull, a mere inversion of push You see nothing exists in solitude For it is solitude that permeates all that is matter Sight is the fortitude of light within darkness however There is never envy between them just an equilibrium. Between two distant plants like two engaged lovers Lie the proximity that binds them apart but seems afar. No thing is really separate but in constant connection In this tangled web of life everything is co-dependant Suspended in space along the gravitational lines of planets the nature of our universe, that is of electromagnetic force. The only form out of sync is mankind Disturbing the order of thinks for some time We have become a virus or landmine Where we are, there is corruption Manipulation pollution and destruction When will we learn how to function In harmony with creation? Only then can we master our proximity to all existence, And bring balance to what appears distant for sake of coexistence. - Alfani Ndayishimiye 24 Nov 2019

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